Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wow, it's been a while!

Woowee, I can't believe it's been 2-1/2 years since my last post. Honestly I had forgotten about this blog until I started up my other one.

By the looks of it I missed A LOT!

I amassed a collection of roughly 1,800 sketch cards, built a couple more Lost sets, and didn't really ever sell off much hockey.

Well, there was one guy that spent a decent amount on some of my leftover Jagr collection, and a few small sales here and there. But for the most part those same hockey cards are still in boxes in my office. Stowed away in the closet hidden amongst boxes of comics and other items now.

But back to the sketch cards.

After being a very active member of the Scoundrel message boards I called sketch card collecting quits. The short version is that I simply got tired of waiting too damn long on too many artists to come through. Chris Gutierrez, Justin Vandemark, Jim Kyle, Jeremy Treece, and a few others.

I never publicly aired my grievances much with these guys, as they finally came through (eventually, some after 15-months...). The last incident is still open and is with Jeremy Treece. He had an artcast that I knew about ahead of time. I paid for three 8x10-size items he was doing live. I paid him, I saw two of the three being worked on live, but then had to leave.

I still don't have the 8x10s.

I paid in April.

I have not gotten responses to emails--sent to a couple of different addresses--or PMs through Scoundrel or DeviantArt. I even responded in a journal entry that he had put up the previous day in one case.


I used to wonder why collectors got all up-in-arms over artists taking so long. Toward the end of my collecting, which was probably finalized in April, I easily understood.

One artist had $300 of my money for several months that was to cover a few cards. Over time only one card, an Artist Proof, was left over. It was $150 of that original total. He had been working on it, had something roughed out in pencils, etc. When I pushed for an update, at the 11th hour he wasn't feeling it and refunded my money. It was months after the initial payment.

Oh wait, that was Jeremy Treece, too. Oops. Either way, I felt that in good faith he could have the live artcast items mailed out.

Still waiting.

So what's going on today? I still have a ton of sketch cards available for sale.

Take a look at my list for the cards and prices.